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"I have been purchasing the Jessops Honey & Aloe Cream since 2011.

Since finding this cream I have not looked back. I had tried numerous creams, but found this one was the only one that worked for my skin and my hands. 

I introduced it to my daughter who has bad eczema. I would buy every new cream that came on the market for eczema to see if they would help. The Honey & Aloe Cream is the only one that helped and she has now been using it for 5 years as it gives her great relief.





"I am 31 years old and have been suffering from hormonal acne for ten years. With little to no luck with other natural products. 

I discovered Karen’s market stall at Ohope 6 months ago and bought an Avocado,  Feijoa and Manuka honey soap bar. My monthly breakouts have completely disappeared. I notice when I miss a day using it. 

It naturally and mildly exfoliates and leaves your skin fresh without drying. 

I would highly recommend trying Karen’s products they are amazing quality. 

"I'm no scientist but I can tell a good soap when I see one let alone use one, I love the fact this product is made here in New Zealand with natural and local ingredients. 

Soaps bought from supermarkets feel sticky after I use them but the Jessops soap doesn't, it feels good, smells good and I'm pretty sure it has its health benefits. Oh and using 1 bar of soap seems to last for ages which is a plus for me.


Auckland, Tonga



"I first found Jessops balm in the Environment Centre in Riverton. I tried some and it had a fantastic effect on eczema, moles and lumps bumps etc. Since then I have bought 6 pots and have had increasing success with each passing pot. It's not a short term option but I have been treating basal cell carcinomas with it. It draws them out and inhibits their growth like no other product I've ever used.

Thank you very much for continuing on with this product.  I literally don't know what I would do without it

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